Passion and Commitment - these are the two words
most associated with our organization. Other organizations
may of the Catholic War Veterans, we take it a bit further...
Back to our roots.

Having served our nation in uniform we know that "life,
liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" are not freedoms that
come to us without sacrifice. Our founding fathers pledged
to each other "their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred
honor" to provide these freedoms to their posterity.

With the rise of Secular-Humanism and the "global culture"
of today, many have forgotten the truth - that in making their
pledge, they also looked to Divine Providence. Our founders
were men of faith... Faith in God.

Each of us as citizens of this nation are charged with
defending our Constitution and our Democratic Republic. As
Catholics we are bound by our faith in God and the teachings
of our Lord Jesus Christ to do this with a spirit of charity and
compassion. Jesus, however, never said that where faith
and morals are concerned, inaction rules the day.

Jesus and the Saints exhort us all to be lights on the hilltop
and salt of the earth. Their examples are not ones of sitting
back on their laurels in the face of persecution, nor of hiding
or running away from the Good Fight.

St. Paul in fact tells us to put on the armor of Christ, take up
the Sword of the Spirit and go forth to battle the forces of the
evil one. Since our inception in 1935, our organization's
members have been patriots in the truest sense of the
words. We are men and women of faith and this is OUR

Abraham Lincoln,  - "To care for those who shall have borne
the battle and for his widow, and his orphan."
When our founder Fr. Edward J. Higgins of Astoria, NY
decided to form the first Post of the CWV and to seek the
blessing of Pope Pius XI, his first order for the
organization was to actively support the good and
welfare of our nation.

Secondly, as a WWI veteran he wanted to ensure that the
primary focus of our efforts was to put into action the
famous words of President Abraham Lincoln, "To care
for those who shall have borne the battle and for his
widow, and his orphan."

Today, the CWV keeps faith with this mandate of our
founder by providing the services of our national and
local area Veterans Service Officers free of charge to
those members and other veterans who request
professional assistance in preparing and defending their
claims for federal veterans benefits.

We work to protect veteran's entitlements through
diligent efforts on Capitol Hill and with your local State
legislators,We provide expert testimony before both
Houses of Congress on behalf of Veterans,

We assist in the processing of Department of Veterans
Affairs Claims and when needed, in the appeals process,

We visit and comfort veterans hospitalized in the VA's
nationwide system of health care,We provide services to
State Veterans' Homes,

We are involved in many programs including:
Americanism programs,Catholic Action Programs, Youth
Programs,Scholarship Programs and Members'
Insurance Programs.

Contact Us for assistance and for more information
about membership.  Active Military and veterans are
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